Advanced Sextuplet Chops

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Advanced Sextuplet Chops - A Gospel Chops Masterclass

This course consists of 20 lessons explicitly teaching advanced linear sextuplet phrasing. You will learn to play a variety of challenging and inspiring sextuplet chops/licks/fills. This course aims to demystify the world of sextuplet gospel chop drumming and provide you with a tool kit of phrases, licks and fills that you can use in your playing. This course is aimed at intermediate-advanced drummers and is unique because there is very little talking! Just demonstrations, exercises and transcriptions. Each lesson follows an innovative 7-Step lesson structure that makes learning the difficult chop sequences presented very easy. All you have to do is follow the video and complete the exercises outlined in the PDF's.

My aim is to present to you a variety of fun, challenging and inspiring chops/fills/licks that you can copy, practice and internalise. After you have spent enough time developing your technique and experimenting with these fills, you should be able to improvise freely and create your own patterns and phrases. 

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