Here are two excerpts from the course and three free lessons that follow the same structure as the lessons in Section 1 of the new online course Advanced Sextuplet Chops. There are many more free PDF's and video lessons below. 


The ‘Easy Shredder’ Sextuplet Chop

Make Total Destroy – Crazy Section

Tony Royster Jr Drum Fill – 60 Second Lick

The Progressive 32nd Note Groove

‘Ultimate Shredder’ Chop (Sextuplet Version)

The ‘Doubler’ 32nd Note Chop Advanced

Periphery Sextuplet Chop – Muramasa

The ‘Show Pony’ 32nd Note Chop Sequence

‘6 Stroke Stacker’ Shuffle with ‘Swiss Swing’ Chop

‘Ultimate Shredder’ Chop (32nd Note Version)

ERISED Improvisation 16th+32nd Note Chops

The ‘Slick-a-diddle’ Linear Pocket Chop

60 Second Lick drum lesson #60secondlick

‘Left Hand Strengthening’ Groove/Chop

Bonus Groove – 60 Second Lesson

The ‘Hot Pocket’ Sextuplet Chop/Groove

The ‘H Bomb’ 32nd Note Chop Sequence

The ‘Heavy Stacker’ 32nd Note Groove