Here is a sample lesson from the Advanced 32nd Note Chops Online Course. The free PDF lesson transcription is linked below.

Here are two excerpts from the course and three free lessons that follow the same structure as the lessons in Section 1 of the new online course Advanced Sextuplet Chops. There are many more free PDF's and video lessons below. 


The ‘Easy Shredder’ Sextuplet Chop

Make Total Destroy – Crazy Section

Tony Royster Jr Drum Fill – 60 Second Lick

The Progressive 32nd Note Groove

‘Ultimate Shredder’ Chop (Sextuplet Version)

The ‘Doubler’ 32nd Note Chop Advanced

Periphery Sextuplet Chop – Muramasa

The ‘Show Pony’ 32nd Note Chop Sequence

‘6 Stroke Stacker’ Shuffle with ‘Swiss Swing’ Chop

‘Ultimate Shredder’ Chop (32nd Note Version)

ERISED Improvisation 16th+32nd Note Chops

The ‘Slick-a-diddle’ Linear Pocket Chop

60 Second Lick drum lesson #60secondlick

‘Left Hand Strengthening’ Groove/Chop

Bonus Groove – 60 Second Lesson

The ‘Hot Pocket’ Sextuplet Chop/Groove

The ‘H Bomb’ 32nd Note Chop Sequence

The ‘Heavy Stacker’ 32nd Note Groove